A New Location and a FREE GIFT From Kittylicious

Kittylicious has moved (again) but wherever they go I'll follow. I've gotten some of my favorite things that I wear all the time from them. And I'll say this, too. Every time they move it just gets better. I went to check out the new store and it's HUGE!

Also, join their group! I am in it, and they always give out the best free gifts! Check out the totally adorable heels that they're giving out right now in celebration of Valentine's Day! Stop by, get your pair... and check out the new store!

While I was there check out what I picked up for myself... I just can't resist shopping there! haha

Um, how cute is this? $150L

I got both pairs you see on this table. $300L ea.

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Get A First Life

I happened upon this website completely by accident and couldn't help but laugh!

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A New Year, A New Look

Have you seen the new look of the Second Life website?

The main page now looks like this:

Some of the boxes are movies that will play, giving examples of all the things you can do in SL.

I understand wanting to update things, but at the same time, things in world have been so laggy and glitchy lately that I almost wonder if the time and budget would be better off spent on streamlining what is already there, the foundation needs to work first.

Since we are talking about updated websites, I guess this is the perfect time to let you know that the GC will be undergoing a makeover! And there will be a few cool new features coming along with it!

Forever Love,

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It seems that a bug that LL was having with their LindeX system this morning has created quite the dramatic issue. Many residents paid their hard earned RL money for Lindens which were never credited to their accounts. In this failing global economy, you would think that LL would have a better handle on their system, or that in the case of something like this happening they would have a way to easily credit a person once the issue is resolved. Instead, they are making residents wait days for the Lindens to be credited to their accounts. One resident reported exclusively to me that the people she dealt with on the phone at the LL Billing department were rude, unhelpful, and misinformed. She expressed getting different answers from various "supervisors" who seemed to be more interested in what they have to say than in helping this resident, who is a big spender, get the correct information it takes for her to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Apparently, there is no one available to offer refunds or credits to residents on the weekend. So buyer beware: buying Lindens is not the same as going to the bank. They can, apparently, hold you RL funds until it is convenient for them to credit you, and there is no official action you can take other than to submit a support ticket and wait a couple of days while your money sits there and your Linden balance remains the same.

This resident claims that when she finally got off the phone with LL, she found she was banned from her account for 3 days due to "Abuse of Support Staff". This came off as a retaliatory action, and she was able to call back LL, speak to the same supervisor, and have her access to her account reinstated. I don't think they would have done this if it was warranted in the first place. Do you?

I have to say that it is the platform of Second Life, and the people who live in this world: the friends, the lovers, the content creators, the club owners... that keep me coming back to SL. I have never personally found LL to be helpful with anything. They have always acted like they are somehow doing us a favor by being there to answer the phone at all. Whether reporting harassment, or situations like this one: I have never really seen LL do anything at all to resolve anything. Ya know, until they can get around to it...

Let this serve as a reminder. This is their world, and we are just living in it. And the laws that bind RL businesses seem to not matter very much at all to this virtual one.

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Tis The Season!

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope yours is full of laughter and love.


ps: GC group members, don't forget to send me your note card to get your gift from me!

The breakdown on the outfit:

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What's Up With SLtopsites.com?

If you go to their site there's just a godaddy.com parked page. And their link in my lower right hand column isn't showing up anymore. Anyone know the dish on what the deal is?

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VIP Interview: Starfleets Ruska, Builder

Chloe: When did you start on SL and how did you stumble upon it?

Starfleets: I was in a RP clan that played Halo PC and one of my friends invited me into the game to show me how to make some money iRL. It turned out he was a crappy realestate agent,

Chloe: Tell us what you do here in SL...
Starfleets: Well I used to run my store, SFD, but its not been getting much attention recently and sales are nonexistant.. I recently was picked up by Loki Dancer, owner and operator of Dirty Lynx and have been modeling for him and his store ever since (and actually making some L)

Chloe: How did you get started with that?
Starfleets: Well my first week iSL was building... then I found sex... no more building... got bored of sex... took it back up.

Chloe: What advice can you give to our readers who are also interested in becoming successful in your field? Were there mistakes you made that they can avoid? Something or things you did *right* that catapulted your success?
Starfleets: Honestly, I wasnt doing well at all for over a year... then I took the initiative.. searched "urban" went to every place on the list that was a store, right clicked the first thing i saw, and IMed the creator and asked for a job.

Chloe: Approximately how much $L did it cost for you to start your business, and how long did it take for you to turn a profit?
Starfleets: Well nothing, per say, for the first year i sold on SLX, over that entire year I made 50KL, every L spent back again on advertising. About a month ago, Loki gave me the option to sell my items on the same land as Dirty Lynx while I was working for him. It hasn't done much better in world either, but just one item for Loki brings in 2k a week, and I only make a percentage of that. One thing that i would suggest is that you have a large product line before you start. That or join a large store that already has a customer base.

Chloe: Tell us your favorite...
  • clothing designer/shop:
  • Starfleets: Dirty Lynx
  • hangout spot:
  • Starfleets: My workshop
  • place for skins:
  • Starfleets: Naughty
  • toy or gadget:
  • Starfleets: Omicron
  • coolest/prettiest sim:
  • Starfleets: The Nameless Isle
  • place for hair:
  • Starfleets: Dirty Lynx
  • AO:
  • Starfleets: LostDog Designs
  • any other favorites you want to tell us about:
  • Starfleets: nope

Chloe: Does your Avi look like the RL you? How is it the same? How is it different?
Starfleets: Naw, I shave iRL, not as muscular :D

Chloe: How do you feel about romantic relationships in SL? Have you had any of significance? Crossed over to RL at all? Horror stories?
Starfleets: ugh, I'm much more weary now that I used to be. Horror story? I've had like 6 relationships iRL... and i have 6 horror stories

Chloe: Biggest jerk, liar, or psycho you have encountered so far? Do tell!
Starfleets: CHERRY MANILOW/SWEETHEART HONEY Stay the helllllll away from that psycho.

Chloe: Do you have a residence here in SL? Do you rent or own?
Starfleets: Nope.. dont have a use for it

Chloe: Mind telling us what sim it's on?
Starfleets: um... pie.

Chloe: Where did you get your house? Is it a prefab or did you have it built? If so by who? Mind sharing a pic?
Starfleets: If i had a house i would make it myself

Chloe: Tell us your 3 favorite movies:
  • Forrest Gump
  • Tropic Thunder
  • We Were Soldiers

Chloe: Favorite 3 songs on your playlist right now?
  • Molly - MSI
  • Planet of the Apes - MSI
  • Kill the Rock - MSI

Chloe: We have all heard of drunk dialing... ever been drunk SL-ing?
Starfleets: Once or five times...

Chloe: Funniest thing you've seen so far:
Starfleets: Giant penis man

Chloe: Lamest pick-up line that's been tossed your way:
Starfleets: "Nice hair" (standing in the middle of a hair store)

Chloe: To "Mute" or not to "Mute"? What makes you cut someone off like that?
Starfleets: Mute. when i mute you, i dont give a fuck what you have to say - your done talking.

Chloe: Got anything coming up you want to plug? Any friends whose ventures you want to tell us about? If you have a blog, tell us the URL here!
Starfleets: Every Sunday at 2pm SLT Im at the Lummerland show and tell showing off my most recent build

Chloe: Go ahead and get the last word! Tell us anything you think we should know that I haven't asked... say anything you want, at all here!
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth.

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same.

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

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Pregnancy and Childbirth in SL

I have to be honest, I don't really get it with the prim babies and the pregnant av's with talking bellies that tell them to eat or go to the bathroom or that the "baby" is kicking. There are even birthing options... You can get a water birthing room, complete with animations for mother, father, and doctor... for "only" $1850L. It's one thing to form an emotional connection with a REAL person who is behind the av's we deal with every day, and quite another to become attached to a 100% prim baby. I have already heard of SL relationships that have been permanently ruined by arguments over their partner not "paying enough attention to the baby" or "not helping enough with the baby" and I think it's kind of ridiculous. The "baby" is made up of nothing more or less than your furniture is. What's next? SL custody hearings and child support being demanded for "supporting" the prim babies left behind?

I'm wondering what you all think of this trend? Speak out in the comments section!

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If you have noticed items missing from your inventory... or if you are like me with well over 12,ooo items in there so that you might not have noticed missing items... well CHECK YOUR LOST AND FOUND FOLDERS because the Lindens found a bunch of our stuff and sent it back to us! I checked my inventory and some but not ALL missing items were found there. I am still missing quite a few things... like a super cute Untone outfit I used to love and wear all the time... and some really amazing lounge chairs for by the pool from Glossy... or either one of two chimera's full of dances that have disappeared... But this gives hope. 

Maybe they will find it all! Go check yours out and see what may have been found!

Forever Love,

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Technical Difficulties?!?!

Um, WTF: I haven't been able to log in for almost an hour. The log in screen just stays like this for ages until it finally gives a pathetic attempt at an apology excuse.

Now everyone all together:

"Thaaaanks, Lindens!"

Forever Love,

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Some Portraits...

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EMJ is Closed, and Good Riddance!

Elexor Matador Jewelry USED to be one of the best places to go for gorgeous high prim jewels. Today I was doing a round of shopping and was looking for a stunning modifiable choker, and thought of EMJ. I followed the LM I just recently got from the Jewelry Expo, and wound up on a large empty field, where the owner ([redacted former owner of EMJ]) was standing. I walked over to greet him:

  • [15:58] Chloe Cantrell: hello there!
  • [15:58] Chloe Cantrell: am i in the wrong place?
  • [15:58] [redacted former owner of EMJ]: yes
  • [15:58] Chloe Cantrell: your LM sent me here :)
  • [15:59] [redacted former owner of EMJ]: do you see anything?
  • [15:59] Chloe Cantrell: um
  • [15:59] Chloe Cantrell: well obviously not
  • [15:59] Chloe Cantrell: would it be too much trouble to give me the correct LM?
  • [15:59] [redacted former owner of EMJ]: for what>
  • [16:00] Chloe Cantrell: your store
  • [16:00] [redacted former owner of EMJ]: I don't have a store.
  • [16:00] Chloe Cantrell: EMJ jewelry
  • [16:00] [redacted former owner of EMJ]: again, do you see a store?
  • [16:00] [redacted former owner of EMJ]: its gone. I tore it down.
  • [16:01] Chloe Cantrell: is there a reason you are being rude about it? seriously i think i am asking pretty nicely and to be honest i have blogged about your things
  • [16:01] Chloe Cantrell: i mean, no need to offend people who have spent money with you
  • [16:01] Chloe Cantrell: i didnt know you took down your store
  • [16:03] [redacted former owner of EMJ]: Chloe. I don't care. There is no store here.
  • [16:03] Chloe Cantrell: ok but you didnt need to be rude about saying so
  • [16:03] Chloe Cantrell: talking down to someone being perfectly nice to you
  • [16:04] Chloe Cantrell: "do you SEE anything here?"
  • [16:04] Chloe Cantrell: "again do you SEE a store"
  • [16:04] Chloe Cantrell: do you SEE a reason to be a jerk to someone who had no idea and obviously liked your items?
  • [16:04] Chloe Cantrell: NO
  • [16:04] Chloe Cantrell: "so sorry chloe, i shut it down..." or something would have been much more classy and polite. good day
  • [16:04] [redacted former owner of EMJ]: Thanks, mom.
  • [16:05] Chloe Cantrell: im not your mother, OR your child, another reason to not be RUDE
  • [16:05] Chloe Cantrell: i did nothing to you
  • [16:05] Chloe Cantrell: but support your business
  • [16:06] Chloe Cantrell: im sure no one would take kindly to a stranger talking down to them for no reason

With an attitude like that, it's no wonder his business has shut down. Not only have I spent upwards of $1500L per item at his store, I have blogged about it as well, free of charge out of admiration for his work. But when you treat adoring customers like $#!T just because you can no longer make a pretty penny off of them, it is a HUGE turn off. If he reopens his shop, I will not be back. And I encourage you all to save your time and Linden for use elsewhere, with people who will appreciate those who admire their work and help pay their tier.

Shame on you!

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Photo Contest WINNER!

Winner of our contest "What keeps you coming back to SL?"... sorry for the delay but RL circumstances kept me from doing things with this contest the way I wanted to. Better late than never though, and I just LOVE this beautiful picture! Congratulations and enjoy your $1500L!

SL gives me the opportunity to find beauty in unexpected places, and to express myself visually using fashion, and my own tools. Aethetics are important to me and they gratify me. I am visual and I am here because they let me create, I keep coming back because of other's creations.

This picture keeps me coming back, and taking thousands more.

~Mocksoup Graves

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Just when you thought you'd seen it all...

That contest I just posted got me thinking... and I just had to share this with you guys!

A few weeks ago I was wandering about and found my way to Carnal Knowledge, one of the many SL fetish hangouts. There was a nice group of people gathered and we were all chatting along to each other... not realizing for quite some time that there was someone else there with us who was not participating in the conversation. Sixy Graves, the owner, went over to investigate.

"Who put a camper in here?" she thought out loud, and we all came to see what she was talking about.

Turns out what we thought was an inanimate object, a camper someone had put in her club (though WHY someone would do that we just could not figure out!), was actually someone's AV. He was a sub who had apparently displeased his Mistress, and for punishment... well get this:

He was turned into a human toilet! He was paying out $20L per minute to pee into his mouth. Of course we all took a few turns, made a couple hundred lindens each... but when the boys tried to give it a go, the rig somehow rejected them.

Go figure.

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Sometimes a song says it best...

Snow Patrol: Chasing Cars

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

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Kudos Fashion Show: Sunday, October 12, 1pm

Leezu Baxter Designs will be releasing the following gorgeous new designs in time for the Kudos Fashion Show this Sunday...

Clouds of silk in delicate watercolours and a barely-there gilded bodice makes for a breathtaking vision of a dress. Reminiscent of nostalgic holidays in far away places, the floral accent for the hair completes this romantic, regal, captivating dress. The colour options alone put a scent in the air - Lilie, Orchid, Tulip and Rose.

Also new from LBD, the sexy Nightlove jacket combines satin velvet and sheer flexis to devastating effect. Beautifully paired with Nell in 4 new darker colours and wraped in shape- delicious!

And for all who missed it:

These items will be released after the Kudos Show! Sunday, October 12, 1pm
Click here for a lift!

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Venice Beach, CA

Click here for a direct flight!

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We're #1!

Out of 480 registered sites, the Clique proves it's the place to be!

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Just Some Thoughts...

Part of what is interesting to me about Second Life is the sociological experiment that it really is. The longer you are in this world, the more challenges present themselves. You build relationships, you gain a reputation. You may have ex's of some sort, frenemies, neighbors you might not get along with. If you are in business you might get ripped off (my good friend Iota recently had some copybots steal from her)... But there is something to be said for sticking it out. There is something to be said for those who remain, who don't buckle to the pressure to disappear, leave SL, or move on to some alt that becomes your next shot at doing it all over again. As in RL, wherever you go, there you are. Better to stick with the life you've made for yourself, good and bad, and make changes to improve things rather than escape your escapism.

We turn to SL for a reprieve from our RL. But some people then make such a mess of their SL's (probably a reflection of their RL's...) that they have to escape their SL to another SL, or leave SL altogether. Or there is something that they are having to deal with that they would rather run from than face. Or they created a problem for themselves and the people around them and they can't see a way out. There are so many things that could be the cause of it... You can not run from yourself, people. The life that you have, your real lives, your second lives... how they are and what becomes of them is in your hands and every day that you open your eyes is an opportunity to do something different if you so choose. You can't run from it. You must either accept it or change it but it's always there in your hands to choose. And a clean slate will only result in the same picture you already see if you don't create change within yourself first.

I wouldn't be surprised if whoever was behind the alt's who brought copybots into Iota's shop are just as low brow and shady in RL. You can copy someone's work, try to imitate one's designs, whatever it is... but you can not take their ideas, their content, their talent, away. I bet the obnoxious neighbor in SL also complains in RL that his neighbor's tree limbs are over the property line. I wouldn't be surpised if those who deceive in some way in SL also do it in their RL's... it's the same soul behind the wheel. To these people I say: it's never ever too late to turn your life around. It isn't always easy, having integrity. Sometimes doing the wrong thing is so tempting, especially in a virtual world where in so many ways we are masked behind anonymity. But it shines through when you could be that way, but you decide not to be. Because you are just that kind of soul behind the wheel.

Forever Love,

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Niven Fashion Show

I logged in today to a last minute invitation to view the new line by Scarlett Niven at a beautiful fashion show closing with the release of doves. The theme was black and white to best showcase the vivid colors she used. As you can see from the slideshow above, she had innovative designs and textures such as rocks and stone, animal prints, and florals. To check it out yourself in person click here for a lift!

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